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Founded in 1987 by brothers David and Steve Upton, CraneWorks has grown its footprint and services over the past 20 plus years to provide crane and equipment rental solutions to clients across the southeast. Currently operating yards in Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL and Mobile, AL, CraneWorks is one of the top 50 of the 2016 American Crane and Transport ACT100 Index of North America’s top crane-owning companies (ranked by tonnage in fleet). CraneWorks offers lifting solutions up to 400 ton capacity, a bare rental crane fleet of over 120 units, a bare rental fleet of material handling, aerial, dirt, and general rental equipment; and rigging, machinery moving, and hauling services.  


  • Micah Butler
  • Nashville Branch Manager
  • Rusty Brooks
  • Birmingham CraneWorks Branch Manager
  • Ted Shultz
  • Birmingham RentalWorks Branch Manager
  • Greg Sanchez
  • Mobile Branch Manager
  • Shawn Ankerich
  • Safety & Training Manager
  • Mitchell Owens
  • Service Manager
  • Dan Jamison
  • Credit Manager
  • Jerry Myers
  • Senior Project Manager
  • David Upton
  • President
  • Steve Upton
  • Vice President
  • Trey Fulton
  • Chief Financial Officer

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Our staff is comprised of talented individuals working together as a team to deliver safe, timely, and innovative solutions for our clients. Whether we are matching your task with the appropriate equipment or planning a lift, our team draws on years of experience and training to prepare and execute the job at hand.

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